Who is Bramantio Prastyaji ???

Bramantio Prastyaji is a creator of this blog.

nobody would know the meaning of the name of “bramantio prastyaji” !!


there are two meanings of this name..

he can be called “aji” in everyday life !!

first, based on (http://www.indospiritual.com/index.php?p=19)

– Perfection and the good
– Forgiveness and freedom
– Firmness and wisdom
– Affect the power
– Like science, and the thirst for useful knowledge
– It works well, smart and lucky
– Spiritual (Fine, diligent prayer, and good manners)
– Fun
– Ambitious / love / passionate pursuit of honor
– The nature gracious and compassionate

second, based on my parents saying that love their sons..

Aji in Javanese language means “aji-aji”, which means magic in many ways. With this naming, the parents wanted to wish his son to be a good person, both the world and the Hereafter, a clever in thinking and doing, benefit the nation and homeland, family, and GOD.
From these names, can be interpreted as Aji greatness, which can act responsibly, and courteous in speech.


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