How does the character of “Bramantio Prastyaji” ??

Bramantio Prastyaji is a full name of “Aji”.

Aji can be symbolized as Black koala, where he is cheerful, amiable and youthful.

But, I lack activeness and prefer to be on his own.

I’m not good at taking leadership and to take initiative. I react after carefully considering the action and I’m convinced. Even if I am asked my opinion, I do not speak from heart and I don’t give out my opinions.

I think I am acting cool, but people around me think I’m eerie.
I can not stand to hurt others or get hurt myself, so I tend to be nice to others.
I have a sharp instinct and when having an argument, I try to develop the argument by reading the other person’s minds. By doing so, I have an effectively to make my point. Both cautiousness and timidity reside in my mind.

If I rely too much on first instinct, my action may be haphazard. Nevertheless, I tend to be strong-minded, and will put in all my effort, even if I upset my health.
I am indifferent to new something, but I was able to adapt well and quickly in something and new environment.

I tend to be careful with money, so I won’t experience much loss.

I have extremely strong likes and dislikes of people. I have lots of friends, but at the same time I can create lots of enemies too. I may exhibit extraordinary talent as a scholar or an entertainer. 🙂


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