Confused,,, Which one that should I choose ??

I have the problem of love. 🙂

please help me, who should I choose?

First, she was the PM, my first love, the truth until now I still love her. but I do not know what she feels the same way I feel, what I approach for 5 years could diminish her hard heart.

She remains like a young girl with pure and innocent heart. She does not forget consideration for others, and tries to be kind without putting any pressure to the other person. She tends to be very dependent on people around her, and therefore she is able to adapt to new environment quite easily. Nevertheless, she will have many ups and downs experience in her life. She is not a weak type; where she can show perseverance and aggressiveness. I think she tends to be stubborn, and not easily show her real feelings. She also tends to be calculative, and are sensitive to profit and loss. She can make shrewd decisions concerning money.

When she doesn’t get her way, she can be sultry and feel sorry for herself. She has lots of friends and are a very sociable person. However she tends to feel lonely easily and lack independence. She can show great talent through learning from her own experience in the society, rather than from school education. She will be able to follow a successful life by first taking an assistant kind of job, and then later starting her  own business.

After getting married, she will be able to run her house extremely well. She may become too obsessed with her children’s education. Her type of people tends to choose either being a housewife or your career.

The second is the DHA, this time she was my girlfriend. I also really love her, our relationship has entered 15 months, but I felt not like a good relationship, this relationship as affectionate direction, where I just feel wonderful that this relationship, she is very cool, tend not to care about me, just self-centered and her world. she is very embarrassed if I went and met in front of her friends.

She can show rich affection and possess warm motherly tenderness. She is not cautious person, and is passionate enough to express herself openly to lead life. She tends to be hard on herself, but she is kind and devoted to other people. She prefers to have a career, and play an active part in the society. She possesses strong self-confidence and beliefs. She puts her passing ideas immediately into action.

Therefore she gives an impression of daring and person with strong driving force. She doesn’t bargain so much, and the way in which she act according to her instinct and passion gives feminine attraction. She uses her endless dreams as driving force. Once she decides on something, she is extremely determined to complete it, and doesn’t care about the public opinions.

It may be good for her to have some kind of modesty and self-examination. She has great artistic and beauty sense. She mays be suited to have a career as a fashion designer or interior coordinator. She tends to please everyone besides your family. Towards her own family, she is hard and nagging.

When she gets married, she will turn out as a wife who takes control of the household.

I’m getting confused with a statement of my own! 🙂


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