When will Indonesia’s product be a trademark worldwide such as a Nike?

In my opinion, the most creative company is “Nike”. All of us must be familiar with the logo image ‘tick’ or the slogan ‘just do it’ is inherent in almost all the products sporting apparel and equipment? The popularity of Nike and the benefits that flow like a money machine would not be separated from the power of the trademarks.

In the business world, the trademark can be expressed as one form of business monopolies. Of course, this also must be supported by promotion and advertising of these products for introduction to the consumer. Without realizing the existence of a trademark has become very important in the business world not only for consumers but also producers. One company that successfully implement a Nike ad, because the Nike brand in the world’s ten largest. Nike ad considered not selling a product, but sell the brand. Nike in designing messages by combining brand name and image into the cultural fabric of sports and using the emotional power.
Standing with the name Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike brand pioneered by Bowerman and Phil Knight is, starting with a capital of only U.S. $ 1,000. But, with diligence and skill in seeing opportunities and agility as a pioneer a Nike Inc has 500 factories and 45 offices around the world, is now able to reap the benefits of U.S. $ 16,325.90 million in just one year (May 2006-May 2007) or net income of U.S. $ 569, 7 million in the quarter I 2007-2008. Results are 51% higher than the same period the previous year U.S. $ 377.2 million.

As best brand sports category Forbes 2007, Nike continues to show consistency in quality and increased comparative advantage in maintaining a strong brand over the other competitors such as Adidas, Umbro and Reebok. Suppose by a joint venture with Michael Jordan, Christiano Ronaldo and the most popular athletes Forbes’ 2007, Tiger Woods. Then, Nike also sponsors clubs in Brazil 1998 World Cup and prestigious sporting events like the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Trademark is also one of the first ways to entrepreneurs through the trade chain. Not only that, slogans and logos that are simple and easy to remember would help the psychological relations between consumers and the trademark of a product. When the bond and trust that happens, it is the biggest advantage for its own producers will sell their products to market more easily.

A quality product and be able to create classy people’s purchasing power is high. Nike is predicated, as one of the largest companies in the world is believed to successfully hypnotize people of Indonesia and the world. Nike’s own values based on Forbes’ 2007, reaching U.S. $ 5.5 billion.

Now Nike products are not only shoes, but also extended to other products such as jackets, hats, watches, and other sports products. Recently, Nike also introduced the development of the I-Pod that can be combined in running shoes. Chip installed in the shoe that can send data to the I-Pod, which one function is to count the number of steps.

Creative and innovative product development strategy and requires good management. This is also made by Nike that always exist in the arena of business world in order to continue to produce products such phenomenal quality Nike plans in 2011 to become carbon neutral company.

Behind the success, intrigue and conflict is always looming, as well as the Nike Inc as happened in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. Nike was criticized for trying to cover up poor working conditions and exploitation of workers. Nike also is a large company that does not have factories. Because they prefer to outsource their needs, especially to the informal sector, or other companies, so that efficiency and minimize production costs.

This is proving the power of a company’s trademark. The many problems or conflicts to the media published widely, is not going to make consumers switch to another brand. This is because the psychological bond between the consumers fanatical Nike has happened, the rest, let the consumer rate. When will Indonesia’s product be a trademark worldwide such as a Nike?


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