Why We Must Be Creative?

We need to be creative in order to survive in this globalization era, an era where information rapidly changing over time; and we should be “up to date” about everything in the world of information, if we are not creative of course we will become a person who just follow others, and can not make something different and useful to ourselves and a lot of people. Then, if we talk about creativity, we’re not just talking about how someone got “style” to think differently to others, but we can also learn how to apply thinking (ideas) into something tangible (from the impossible becomes possible).
I have several ways that we can make something (idea) became an invaluable creativity:
FIRST WAY: WE MUST MAKE A CHOICE TO BE CREATIVE PERSON. This meant that we had to remove the view of the ingrained creative in our head; that’s because, if you still think creatively in a narrow sense, it would be difficult for you to open the door of creativities. We must build the determination of this option and we can categorize a creative sense of ourselves, and we accompanied also by all the criteria to facilitate the achievement. Then, if we can even proficient in playing music, painting, dancing, reading poetry, create and arrange songs, etc.; then do something about it to express their own creativity that we, or better yet if you find your own new ways.
SECOND WAY: WE MUST BE EXPANDING OUR PERSPECTIVES. Creativity usually like to come by anytime, and anywhere; and unexpected from the area which of course we did not know before. Sometimes, we must broaden our perspective to develop our imagination, and that’s where the creative ideas appear. But many times to start, we never take the risk out of the comfort zone we had. For example to develop our creativity, we might start by visiting the different places, e.g. visiting different cities, or even a shop or eat a different place than usual; for example, if we play bowling as a hobby, we must diligently try all the lane in throughout Indonesia (trying to get a failure that we can learn and be useful in later day), the lane is the easiest to hardest, if necessary, we often follow all of our tournament event to add flight hours and our experience as the best bowling athlete, if necessary, to try to try out lane The best in the world, to go abroad or join the event tournament there. Of course, that’s where we can learn something new, we never got and felt before, and of course it was very valuable in the future we create. We should follow the course and build skills in different areas, that’. And it all will stimulate your imagination to create.
THIRD WAY: WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING TO DARE. One part in exploring our creativity is to take a chance and dare to act, but we should have understood it all until we know the risks that will occur later if the idea is realized; so while we will make these ideas become real, we already have several ways to anticipate the risks, so risks can be minimized by good. In this stage, we should be really cautious and careful so that what had been done and that efforts have been made have not been in vain. If we are confident in everything, do and realize these ideas to life! Not until we regret that delay idea.
FOURTH WAY: WE HAVE TO EXPECT FAILURES FEWER. We can be a very valuable lesson, and make it as a trigger failure of the spirit to push for more progress. One of the main reasons for closing the door of creativity is the fear of the failure; so many of us are afraid to show our own identity with crazy ideas and our creatives. And many of us once fell (affected by the problems or failure), or maybe even a few times, so many of us tend to avoid failure as the best teacher. If this is true, none of us who do business learning to run. We must follow the adage from ourselves, which is there all the time, always passed on to our children and grandchildren and our great-grandchild. Then there is the saying “Failure is the Best Teacher in Life”. Many of the remarkable innovations in the world originated from the “failure.”
FIFTH WAY: WE MUST RECOGNIZE ACHIEVEMENT WE CAN. Often, we all make creativity or make something new, and while someone gives a compliment, we are more pleased deny. Do not ever look down on any results we achieve, even though it was only a slight increase. If we continue to dodge the results of your efforts to achieve, it can close the door of your creativity. If you make a progress, make sure we appreciate that, even if I have to celebrate with friends or family. However, do not brag on what we’ve achieved, it is also not good. This is due to make us complacent about what has been passed so far, and this can make creativity also died. We have to be an ordinary person, full of simplicity but rich in creativity, and thirsty with a proud achievement and useful to the whole community in the world.


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