Who is the most creative person?

Based on my opinion, Ahmad Dhani is someone who can maximize his potential, both in the internal or external. He is also developing and supporting the creative process itself, which occurred in him; and he always allowed himself to think with brilliant ideas he has with what he had, either naturally created or that have been made to reach its original destination, and always make these ideas become real. Therefore, the natural talent he has and the skills in playing music and songs arrangement made him the perfect musician and are the best in this country, therefore rarely equaled by musicians.
Ahmad Dhani is known to have strong character and choleric, but many people say he is very arrogant and cocky. But in my opinion, he has a great believer in himself and not gives up, where nature is supposed to be owned by everyone. Controversy on the issue based on public opinion, such as his divorce case with his ex-wife (Maia Estianty), and scandal with many women outside; wealth created from the artwork that we’ve always heard, and many things that make his popularity has increased because excessive media assessment against him; He leads Republik Cinta Management or commonly called “Mister Master” in the artist management, have thoughts and ideas that are brilliant.
Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (born in Surabaya, East Java, May 26, 1972; age 37 years) or more commonly known by the name of Ahmad Dhani is a musician, songwriter, music stylists, and the best producer owned Indonesian nation. Dhani is the leader of a top band, Dewa 19 and also personnel of the band The Rock. Dhani has scored many hits a beautiful and pleasant, and with amazing success in orbit many groups and singers such as Reza Artamevia, Ari Lasso, Tere, Queen (now Duo Maia), Agnes Monica, Mulan Jameela, Lani, Tim Christensen, Sophia Latjuba, Titi DJ, Fals, and many others. Currently Republik Cinta Management led shaded Dewa 19, The Rock, Andra and The Backbone, Mulan Jameela, Dewi-Dewi, and Snow White.
Ahmad Dhani was not easily satisfied until there just because he has tended to capitalist thinking and ambitions are supported by what is sometimes very excessive. Republik Cinta Management (RCM) always makes the company an innovative and creative as possible, to make REPUBLIKCINTA.TV, a television station based Internet video streaming of Republik Cinta Management. For the first time management has a television station based video streaming via Internet, the more proves the existence of Republik Cinta Management (RCM), which was built by him. In addition to the RCM mission to develop the skills and professionalism musicians and singers, Indonesia, today he the company made The Rock CafĂ©; where The Rock Cafe is a strategic business unit (SBU) recently developed in Republik Cinta Management (RCM). Initiation of ideas and development of The Rock Cafe is a business innovation from Master Mister Ahmad Dhani has realized since 2007. However the desire to build a cafe & restaurant business a long time actually comes to mind is President of the Republic of Love. This is motivated by the thought that the activities cafe has a close relationship with the world of music that has been professionally lived long time. With the election of the rock music genre as a major nuance cafe, so naturally when the name “The Rock Cafe” is selected as the brand name of the SBU Republic Management love this. Built as a “franchising system”, now The Rock Cafe has been present in Jakarta (Grand Flora Hotel, Kemang) and Topas Galeria Hotel (Bandung). In the near future The Rock Cafe will be opened in several cities in Indonesia and Malaysia country. Creativity never ceases to here, have no limits of space and time. Similarly Ahmad Dhani who will never stop working for himself and others.
Actually, his creativity in music has been there since he was a student at SMP 6 Surabaya, Dhani, along with three companions Andra Junaidi; Erwin Prasetya; and later founded Juniarso Interview DEWA in 1986. Despite a series of achievements have been scored in 90’an, but Dhani like no identity, because the frequent changes the flow of his music (at the time), until he returned DEWA flag with an additional 19 personnel Ari Lasso (as a singer / vocalist). For the sake of her musical success, he eventually migrated to the Jakarta, until in 1992 the business Dhani was not in vain with its first album Dewa 19, he became well known and fairly successful with a number of hits on melejitnya album. Since then, a series of achievements and success achieved prestigious awards; although it has several times experienced a change of personnel, until now Dewa 19 are still exist in Indonesia blantika music. In addition to 19 active in Dewa, Dhani, too busy with other activities, such as in 1999, she had given birth Ahmad Band, despite good songs but not so good response in Indonesia belantika musical moment. In addition Dhani also a producer of other artists besides Dewa 19, as Reza Artamevia in 1997, and then he started producing other artists, and gave birth to new talents in music. Maybe because he’s very creative and innovative, he made The Rock; which originated from recording solo albums in Australia, Dhani met with members of the band 3 Hospital The Musical, which Clancy Alexander Tucker, Zachary Haidee-Keene, Michael Bennett in the Studio 301, Sydney (Australia). From that meeting came the idea to collaborate within a band. Dhani who have intentions to go international and accept the establishment of The Rock, where the Hospital The Musical is not broke and Dhani did not leave Dewa 1.


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