Desember 16, 2009

1. Creative people have a great deal of physical energy, but they’re also often quiet and at rest.

I agree with the opinion above, some creative people need time to calm down, calm and silent for a moment. In the period of “calm” this is the creative people think and pour the thoughts. A clear mind and apart from the stress, routines and other activities, can produce things creative. Therefore, although the creative people who have great energy, often calm down to think creatively.

2. Creative people tend to be smart yet naive at the same time

I am confused with this opinion, but creative people tend to be not a smart person; although not denying that there are also people who are creative and smart. It’s a creative person is not usually the same as ordinary people. I often find the creative people who “Naive”, which they did not flaunt his creative power to others.

3. Creative people combine playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility

I agree with this opinion. Creativity can arise if we are in good condition. Only a few people who can combine playfulness and discipline proportions are balanced. People like this can produce creative thoughts. They’re not too stressed because of high routine, and not too relaxed in the play.

4. Creative people alternate between imagination and fantasy and a rooted sense of reality

Creative people usually start thinking with an imagination. With a limited imagination and the barriers that prevent people in thinking freely, making a lot of people who are not creative, and tend to be followers / audience than the people who succeed with his creativity. So that the creative minds should start from the imagination.

5. Creative people trend to be extroverted and introverted

Similar to the Mihaly opinion of number 1, where creative people tend to be quiet and a loner at certain moments, namely when he thought and imagination. But they are not always alone, they can adjust the balance between hanging out or socializing and silent.

6. Creative people are humble and proud at the same time

I agree with the above opinion, this is because Most creative people do not show explicitly the power or their ability. But when they took out of his ability, people who look to be struck.

7. Creative people, to an extent, escape rigid gender role stereotyping

I am really confused with this opinion, but creative people usually think “out of the box”, so most of them are not rigid and fixed to the circumstances or the situation now. Creative people are not easily influenced by stereotypes, gender stereotypes that say that men should work and tend to be controlled as head of household, and women should only be busy in the kitchen.They do not yield to what they say. But they have a style, way, and individual tastes that distinguish them from ordinary people.

8. Creative people are both rebellious and conservative

I agree with these opinions. Creative people are not fixed and static in a situation, they always break through and penetrate the boundaries of existing. Creative people do not tend subject to the regulations. But in a break out of state, creative people are not too far, they remain on the conservative path, although not subject to the ways that conservative.

9. Most creative people are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well.

I agree with this opinion, this is because creative people are enthusiastic and excited about the job he loved. However, creative people who do not fanatic and hyperbole to work it.
10. Creative people’s openness and sensitivity often exposes them to suffering and pain, yet also to a great deal of enjoyment

This opinion is for me a little confusing, but the creative spirit that is open and sensitive can result in 2 things for them. The first is that they can experience suffering and pain that hurts.However, they also get the joy and enjoyment in large amounts in their souls.

In conclusion, I think the 10 paradoxes expressed by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is the result of a very good analysis and very useful for those who try to be creative. If seen from the above statements, then the creative people do not see the world only a 2-sided, the world is not limited to black or white, good or bad, and the left or right. But not limited to this world.


Confused,,, Which one that should I choose ??

Desember 15, 2009

I have the problem of love. 🙂

please help me, who should I choose?

First, she was the PM, my first love, the truth until now I still love her. but I do not know what she feels the same way I feel, what I approach for 5 years could diminish her hard heart.

She remains like a young girl with pure and innocent heart. She does not forget consideration for others, and tries to be kind without putting any pressure to the other person. She tends to be very dependent on people around her, and therefore she is able to adapt to new environment quite easily. Nevertheless, she will have many ups and downs experience in her life. She is not a weak type; where she can show perseverance and aggressiveness. I think she tends to be stubborn, and not easily show her real feelings. She also tends to be calculative, and are sensitive to profit and loss. She can make shrewd decisions concerning money.

When she doesn’t get her way, she can be sultry and feel sorry for herself. She has lots of friends and are a very sociable person. However she tends to feel lonely easily and lack independence. She can show great talent through learning from her own experience in the society, rather than from school education. She will be able to follow a successful life by first taking an assistant kind of job, and then later starting her  own business.

After getting married, she will be able to run her house extremely well. She may become too obsessed with her children’s education. Her type of people tends to choose either being a housewife or your career.

The second is the DHA, this time she was my girlfriend. I also really love her, our relationship has entered 15 months, but I felt not like a good relationship, this relationship as affectionate direction, where I just feel wonderful that this relationship, she is very cool, tend not to care about me, just self-centered and her world. she is very embarrassed if I went and met in front of her friends.

She can show rich affection and possess warm motherly tenderness. She is not cautious person, and is passionate enough to express herself openly to lead life. She tends to be hard on herself, but she is kind and devoted to other people. She prefers to have a career, and play an active part in the society. She possesses strong self-confidence and beliefs. She puts her passing ideas immediately into action.

Therefore she gives an impression of daring and person with strong driving force. She doesn’t bargain so much, and the way in which she act according to her instinct and passion gives feminine attraction. She uses her endless dreams as driving force. Once she decides on something, she is extremely determined to complete it, and doesn’t care about the public opinions.

It may be good for her to have some kind of modesty and self-examination. She has great artistic and beauty sense. She mays be suited to have a career as a fashion designer or interior coordinator. She tends to please everyone besides your family. Towards her own family, she is hard and nagging.

When she gets married, she will turn out as a wife who takes control of the household.

I’m getting confused with a statement of my own! 🙂

How does the character of “Bramantio Prastyaji” ??

Desember 15, 2009

Bramantio Prastyaji is a full name of “Aji”.

Aji can be symbolized as Black koala, where he is cheerful, amiable and youthful.

But, I lack activeness and prefer to be on his own.

I’m not good at taking leadership and to take initiative. I react after carefully considering the action and I’m convinced. Even if I am asked my opinion, I do not speak from heart and I don’t give out my opinions.

I think I am acting cool, but people around me think I’m eerie.
I can not stand to hurt others or get hurt myself, so I tend to be nice to others.
I have a sharp instinct and when having an argument, I try to develop the argument by reading the other person’s minds. By doing so, I have an effectively to make my point. Both cautiousness and timidity reside in my mind.

If I rely too much on first instinct, my action may be haphazard. Nevertheless, I tend to be strong-minded, and will put in all my effort, even if I upset my health.
I am indifferent to new something, but I was able to adapt well and quickly in something and new environment.

I tend to be careful with money, so I won’t experience much loss.

I have extremely strong likes and dislikes of people. I have lots of friends, but at the same time I can create lots of enemies too. I may exhibit extraordinary talent as a scholar or an entertainer. 🙂

Who is Bramantio Prastyaji ???

Desember 15, 2009

Bramantio Prastyaji is a creator of this blog.

nobody would know the meaning of the name of “bramantio prastyaji” !!


there are two meanings of this name..

he can be called “aji” in everyday life !!

first, based on (

– Perfection and the good
– Forgiveness and freedom
– Firmness and wisdom
– Affect the power
– Like science, and the thirst for useful knowledge
– It works well, smart and lucky
– Spiritual (Fine, diligent prayer, and good manners)
– Fun
– Ambitious / love / passionate pursuit of honor
– The nature gracious and compassionate

second, based on my parents saying that love their sons..

Aji in Javanese language means “aji-aji”, which means magic in many ways. With this naming, the parents wanted to wish his son to be a good person, both the world and the Hereafter, a clever in thinking and doing, benefit the nation and homeland, family, and GOD.
From these names, can be interpreted as Aji greatness, which can act responsibly, and courteous in speech.

When will Indonesia’s product be a trademark worldwide such as a Nike?

Oktober 21, 2009

In my opinion, the most creative company is “Nike”. All of us must be familiar with the logo image ‘tick’ or the slogan ‘just do it’ is inherent in almost all the products sporting apparel and equipment? The popularity of Nike and the benefits that flow like a money machine would not be separated from the power of the trademarks.

In the business world, the trademark can be expressed as one form of business monopolies. Of course, this also must be supported by promotion and advertising of these products for introduction to the consumer. Without realizing the existence of a trademark has become very important in the business world not only for consumers but also producers. One company that successfully implement a Nike ad, because the Nike brand in the world’s ten largest. Nike ad considered not selling a product, but sell the brand. Nike in designing messages by combining brand name and image into the cultural fabric of sports and using the emotional power.
Standing with the name Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike brand pioneered by Bowerman and Phil Knight is, starting with a capital of only U.S. $ 1,000. But, with diligence and skill in seeing opportunities and agility as a pioneer a Nike Inc has 500 factories and 45 offices around the world, is now able to reap the benefits of U.S. $ 16,325.90 million in just one year (May 2006-May 2007) or net income of U.S. $ 569, 7 million in the quarter I 2007-2008. Results are 51% higher than the same period the previous year U.S. $ 377.2 million.

As best brand sports category Forbes 2007, Nike continues to show consistency in quality and increased comparative advantage in maintaining a strong brand over the other competitors such as Adidas, Umbro and Reebok. Suppose by a joint venture with Michael Jordan, Christiano Ronaldo and the most popular athletes Forbes’ 2007, Tiger Woods. Then, Nike also sponsors clubs in Brazil 1998 World Cup and prestigious sporting events like the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Trademark is also one of the first ways to entrepreneurs through the trade chain. Not only that, slogans and logos that are simple and easy to remember would help the psychological relations between consumers and the trademark of a product. When the bond and trust that happens, it is the biggest advantage for its own producers will sell their products to market more easily.

A quality product and be able to create classy people’s purchasing power is high. Nike is predicated, as one of the largest companies in the world is believed to successfully hypnotize people of Indonesia and the world. Nike’s own values based on Forbes’ 2007, reaching U.S. $ 5.5 billion.

Now Nike products are not only shoes, but also extended to other products such as jackets, hats, watches, and other sports products. Recently, Nike also introduced the development of the I-Pod that can be combined in running shoes. Chip installed in the shoe that can send data to the I-Pod, which one function is to count the number of steps.

Creative and innovative product development strategy and requires good management. This is also made by Nike that always exist in the arena of business world in order to continue to produce products such phenomenal quality Nike plans in 2011 to become carbon neutral company.

Behind the success, intrigue and conflict is always looming, as well as the Nike Inc as happened in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mexico. Nike was criticized for trying to cover up poor working conditions and exploitation of workers. Nike also is a large company that does not have factories. Because they prefer to outsource their needs, especially to the informal sector, or other companies, so that efficiency and minimize production costs.

This is proving the power of a company’s trademark. The many problems or conflicts to the media published widely, is not going to make consumers switch to another brand. This is because the psychological bond between the consumers fanatical Nike has happened, the rest, let the consumer rate. When will Indonesia’s product be a trademark worldwide such as a Nike?

IDEO.. (UTS/ Midterm)

Oktober 21, 2009

IDEO adalah sebuah perusahaan konsultan yang  peduli tentang desain, inovasi dan kreativitas. IDEO membantu perusahaan yang membutuhkan desain produk, jasa, lingkungan, dan pengalaman digital mereka. Selain itu, IDEO juga menjadi lebih interaktif untuk membantu manajemen setiap perusahaan juga.

IDEO telah menciptakan banyak produk inovatif. Melalui klien, IDEO telah menyediakan beberapa perusahaan besar dengan menerobos ide-ide, seperti: mouse pertama Apple, mouse kedua Microsoft, Palm V PDA, dan kursi Steelcase’s Leap. Klien utama IDEO termasuk P & G, perusahaan Pepsi, Microsoft, Apple, Eli Lilly, Steelcase, dan masih banyak lagi.

Bukan hanya itu, IDEO telah  banyak memenangkan penghargaan seperti BusinessWeek dan Industrial Design Excellence Award oleh IDSA daripada perusahaan lain. IDEO telah menempati ranking teratas dalam daftar top 25 perusahaan paling inovatif oleh Business Week, dan telah mempertahankan tempat sejak saat itu. Yang paling menarik adalah bahwa IDEO melakukan pekerjaan konsultan untuk 24 perusahaan lain di peringkat 25 teratas tersebut.

Berdasarkan Business Week, ada 5 langkah agar kita bisa menjadi seperti IDEO, inovatif dan ahli kreatif. IDEO telah berhasi tidak hanya dengan menciptakan desain yang baik tidak hanya pada produk, tetapi juga pengalaman. 5 langkah yang disebut cara IDEO itu adalah langkah-langkah yang mengubah cara perusahaan berinovasi:

1.    OBSERVATION – Memahami pengalaman konsumen.
Beberapa teknik IDEO:
–    Mengamati orang-orang menggunakan produk, belanja, pergi ke rumah sakit, mengambil kereta, menggunakan telepon seluler mereka.
–    Melakukan pemetaan perilaku, dengan cara memotret perilaku orang dalam sebuah ruangan; seperti ruang tunggu rumah sakit, lebih dari dua atau tiga hari.
–    Mencari tahu semua interaksi antara konsumen dengan produk, layanan atau ruang.
–    Meminta konsumen untuk menyimpan buku harian kegiatan mereka sehari-hari, dan visualisasikan dengan produk baru.
–    Menggunakan wawancara, yaitu dengan berbicara kepada orang-orang yang benar-benar mengetahui apa-apa mengenai suatu produk atau jasa, dan mengevaluasi pengalaman mereka yang menggunakannya.
–    Mendorong konsumen untuk menceritakan kisah-kisah pribadi tentang pengalaman mereka.
–    Melakukan wawancara santai dengan kelompok-kelompok masyarakat yang beragam.

2. BRAINSTORMING – Sebuah gagasan yang menghasilkan dengan cara menganalisis data yang dikumpulkan dengan mengamati orang. Setiap orang, waktu berlangsungnya tidak lebih dari satu jam. Aturan brainstorming yang ketat dan dicap di dinding:

–    Menunda Penghakiman: Jangan remehkan ide apapun.
–    Membangun ide orang lain – Tidak “tapi-tapian,” hanya “dan.”
–    Mendorong ide-ide liar: Merangkul yang paling out-of-the-box pengertian karena mereka dapat menjadi kunci solusi.
–    Go for Quantity: Mencari tujuan sebanyak mungkin ide-ide baru. Dalam sesi yang baik, sampai dengan 100 ide-ide yang dihasilkan dalam 60 menit.
–    Jadilah visual: Gunakan kuning, merah, dan biru spidol untuk menulis di besar-besar yang diletakkan di dinding.
–    Tetap fokus pada topik: Selalu menjaga diskusi mengenai sasaran.
–    Satu percakapan pada suatu waktu: Tidak mengganggu, tidak mengabaikan, tidak ada disrepect, tidak ada kekasaran.

3. RAPID PROTOTYPING – Mocking up model bekerja membantu semua orang memvisualisasikan solusi yang mungkin dan mempercepat pengambilan keputusan dan inovasi.

Beberapa panduan:
–    Mock up Segalanya: Mungkin untuk menciptakan model tidak hanya produk tetapi juga layanan seperti perawatan kesehatan dan ruang seperti lobi museum.
–    Gunakan Videography: Membuat film pendek untuk menggambarkan pengalaman konsumen.
–    Go Fast: Membangun mock-up cepat dan murah. Pernah membuang waktu pada konsep-konsep rumit.
–    Tanpa embel-embel: Membuat prototipe untuk mendemonstrasikan sebuah ide desain tanpa banyaknya rincian.
–    Buat Scenario cerita: Tunjukkan bagaimana berbagai orang menggunakan layanan dengan berbagai cara dan bagaimana berbagai desain dapat memenuhi kebutuhan individual mereka.
–    Bodystorm: Menggambarkan berbagai jenis konsumen dan bertindak peran mereka.

4. REFINING – Pada tahap ini, IDEO mempersempit beberapa pilihan untuk beberapa kemungkinan.
Berikut adalah cara melakukannya:

–    Menyaring ide-ide dan fokus pada pilihan terbaik yang ada.
–    Fokus pada beberapa ide kunci untuk mencapai solusi yang optimal pada suatu masalah.
–    Melibatkan klien secara aktif dalam proses mempersempit pilihan.
–    Disiplin dan kerasdalam membuat pilihan, fokus pada hasil dari proses mencari solusi yang terbaik.
–    Mendapatkan persetujuan dari semua pemegang saham, semakin tinggi kita menangani solusi sebuah permasalahan pada bagian eksekutif, semakin besar peluang keberhasilan kita.

5. PELAKSANAAN – IDEO memiliki teknik yang kuat, desain, dan kemampuan ilmu sosial untuk menanggung ketika benar-benar menciptakan suatu produk atau jasa.
–    Libatkan tenaga kerja yang beragam dari 40 negara untuk melaksanakan rencana.
–    Karyawan yang Workforce memiliki gelar di berbagai jenis teknik.

The most creative buildings in the world’s

Oktober 20, 2009


Starting from where the dream of a Dave Longaberger? As the founder of The Longaberger Company, he built his office center in the form of a large basket in the house his company. Dave believes that the idea is the best and will add a visit to the company’s paintings, which then can help to build brand burgers. Even so, he stated that the idea of development is not the central office for the promotion, and he was happened to be trained sense of humor in society at that time.
Not a few of the bankers, architects and construction companies did not respond to Dave’s idea seriously, as are also the workers who worked on the Longaberger company, but Dave still diligently to build. He started his dream on December 17, 1997.


Dance house is small sebuat name of an office on the outskirts of Prague, Czech Republic. The building was designed by a Croatian-born Czech architect, named Vlado Milunic, and Vlado cooperate with Canadian artiketur named Frank Gehry. Previously the land had buildings destroyed by bombs in Prague in 1945. Construction House dance itself began in 1994 and completed in 1996.

A design that is very non-traditional and controversial at the time. Czech President Vaclav Havel, who lived in the decade, supporting the development of dance house and hope that the building could become the Central Cultural activities. His real name was Fred and Ginger, the house smelled like Neo Baroque, Neo Gothic art and has a value of famous buildings in the Republic where it becomes Ceko.Akhirnya French restaurant that is very admirable. The building was also filled with Multinational Companies. (Plan to the Central Cultural activities are not so).


The Unique Piano house was built in the province of An Hui, China. Inside there is Violin, which is building escalators. The building was a place of exhibition and the works that could increase capital investment in the area.


The Kansas City Library is a unique problem. Its presence increases the influence of books in the city. The library has won many nominations, including nominations for the library car park.

Who is the most creative person?

Oktober 20, 2009

Based on my opinion, Ahmad Dhani is someone who can maximize his potential, both in the internal or external. He is also developing and supporting the creative process itself, which occurred in him; and he always allowed himself to think with brilliant ideas he has with what he had, either naturally created or that have been made to reach its original destination, and always make these ideas become real. Therefore, the natural talent he has and the skills in playing music and songs arrangement made him the perfect musician and are the best in this country, therefore rarely equaled by musicians.
Ahmad Dhani is known to have strong character and choleric, but many people say he is very arrogant and cocky. But in my opinion, he has a great believer in himself and not gives up, where nature is supposed to be owned by everyone. Controversy on the issue based on public opinion, such as his divorce case with his ex-wife (Maia Estianty), and scandal with many women outside; wealth created from the artwork that we’ve always heard, and many things that make his popularity has increased because excessive media assessment against him; He leads Republik Cinta Management or commonly called “Mister Master” in the artist management, have thoughts and ideas that are brilliant.
Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (born in Surabaya, East Java, May 26, 1972; age 37 years) or more commonly known by the name of Ahmad Dhani is a musician, songwriter, music stylists, and the best producer owned Indonesian nation. Dhani is the leader of a top band, Dewa 19 and also personnel of the band The Rock. Dhani has scored many hits a beautiful and pleasant, and with amazing success in orbit many groups and singers such as Reza Artamevia, Ari Lasso, Tere, Queen (now Duo Maia), Agnes Monica, Mulan Jameela, Lani, Tim Christensen, Sophia Latjuba, Titi DJ, Fals, and many others. Currently Republik Cinta Management led shaded Dewa 19, The Rock, Andra and The Backbone, Mulan Jameela, Dewi-Dewi, and Snow White.
Ahmad Dhani was not easily satisfied until there just because he has tended to capitalist thinking and ambitions are supported by what is sometimes very excessive. Republik Cinta Management (RCM) always makes the company an innovative and creative as possible, to make REPUBLIKCINTA.TV, a television station based Internet video streaming of Republik Cinta Management. For the first time management has a television station based video streaming via Internet, the more proves the existence of Republik Cinta Management (RCM), which was built by him. In addition to the RCM mission to develop the skills and professionalism musicians and singers, Indonesia, today he the company made The Rock Café; where The Rock Cafe is a strategic business unit (SBU) recently developed in Republik Cinta Management (RCM). Initiation of ideas and development of The Rock Cafe is a business innovation from Master Mister Ahmad Dhani has realized since 2007. However the desire to build a cafe & restaurant business a long time actually comes to mind is President of the Republic of Love. This is motivated by the thought that the activities cafe has a close relationship with the world of music that has been professionally lived long time. With the election of the rock music genre as a major nuance cafe, so naturally when the name “The Rock Cafe” is selected as the brand name of the SBU Republic Management love this. Built as a “franchising system”, now The Rock Cafe has been present in Jakarta (Grand Flora Hotel, Kemang) and Topas Galeria Hotel (Bandung). In the near future The Rock Cafe will be opened in several cities in Indonesia and Malaysia country. Creativity never ceases to here, have no limits of space and time. Similarly Ahmad Dhani who will never stop working for himself and others.
Actually, his creativity in music has been there since he was a student at SMP 6 Surabaya, Dhani, along with three companions Andra Junaidi; Erwin Prasetya; and later founded Juniarso Interview DEWA in 1986. Despite a series of achievements have been scored in 90’an, but Dhani like no identity, because the frequent changes the flow of his music (at the time), until he returned DEWA flag with an additional 19 personnel Ari Lasso (as a singer / vocalist). For the sake of her musical success, he eventually migrated to the Jakarta, until in 1992 the business Dhani was not in vain with its first album Dewa 19, he became well known and fairly successful with a number of hits on melejitnya album. Since then, a series of achievements and success achieved prestigious awards; although it has several times experienced a change of personnel, until now Dewa 19 are still exist in Indonesia blantika music. In addition to 19 active in Dewa, Dhani, too busy with other activities, such as in 1999, she had given birth Ahmad Band, despite good songs but not so good response in Indonesia belantika musical moment. In addition Dhani also a producer of other artists besides Dewa 19, as Reza Artamevia in 1997, and then he started producing other artists, and gave birth to new talents in music. Maybe because he’s very creative and innovative, he made The Rock; which originated from recording solo albums in Australia, Dhani met with members of the band 3 Hospital The Musical, which Clancy Alexander Tucker, Zachary Haidee-Keene, Michael Bennett in the Studio 301, Sydney (Australia). From that meeting came the idea to collaborate within a band. Dhani who have intentions to go international and accept the establishment of The Rock, where the Hospital The Musical is not broke and Dhani did not leave Dewa 1.

Why We Must Be Creative?

Oktober 20, 2009

We need to be creative in order to survive in this globalization era, an era where information rapidly changing over time; and we should be “up to date” about everything in the world of information, if we are not creative of course we will become a person who just follow others, and can not make something different and useful to ourselves and a lot of people. Then, if we talk about creativity, we’re not just talking about how someone got “style” to think differently to others, but we can also learn how to apply thinking (ideas) into something tangible (from the impossible becomes possible).
I have several ways that we can make something (idea) became an invaluable creativity:
FIRST WAY: WE MUST MAKE A CHOICE TO BE CREATIVE PERSON. This meant that we had to remove the view of the ingrained creative in our head; that’s because, if you still think creatively in a narrow sense, it would be difficult for you to open the door of creativities. We must build the determination of this option and we can categorize a creative sense of ourselves, and we accompanied also by all the criteria to facilitate the achievement. Then, if we can even proficient in playing music, painting, dancing, reading poetry, create and arrange songs, etc.; then do something about it to express their own creativity that we, or better yet if you find your own new ways.
SECOND WAY: WE MUST BE EXPANDING OUR PERSPECTIVES. Creativity usually like to come by anytime, and anywhere; and unexpected from the area which of course we did not know before. Sometimes, we must broaden our perspective to develop our imagination, and that’s where the creative ideas appear. But many times to start, we never take the risk out of the comfort zone we had. For example to develop our creativity, we might start by visiting the different places, e.g. visiting different cities, or even a shop or eat a different place than usual; for example, if we play bowling as a hobby, we must diligently try all the lane in throughout Indonesia (trying to get a failure that we can learn and be useful in later day), the lane is the easiest to hardest, if necessary, we often follow all of our tournament event to add flight hours and our experience as the best bowling athlete, if necessary, to try to try out lane The best in the world, to go abroad or join the event tournament there. Of course, that’s where we can learn something new, we never got and felt before, and of course it was very valuable in the future we create. We should follow the course and build skills in different areas, that’. And it all will stimulate your imagination to create.
THIRD WAY: WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING TO DARE. One part in exploring our creativity is to take a chance and dare to act, but we should have understood it all until we know the risks that will occur later if the idea is realized; so while we will make these ideas become real, we already have several ways to anticipate the risks, so risks can be minimized by good. In this stage, we should be really cautious and careful so that what had been done and that efforts have been made have not been in vain. If we are confident in everything, do and realize these ideas to life! Not until we regret that delay idea.
FOURTH WAY: WE HAVE TO EXPECT FAILURES FEWER. We can be a very valuable lesson, and make it as a trigger failure of the spirit to push for more progress. One of the main reasons for closing the door of creativity is the fear of the failure; so many of us are afraid to show our own identity with crazy ideas and our creatives. And many of us once fell (affected by the problems or failure), or maybe even a few times, so many of us tend to avoid failure as the best teacher. If this is true, none of us who do business learning to run. We must follow the adage from ourselves, which is there all the time, always passed on to our children and grandchildren and our great-grandchild. Then there is the saying “Failure is the Best Teacher in Life”. Many of the remarkable innovations in the world originated from the “failure.”
FIFTH WAY: WE MUST RECOGNIZE ACHIEVEMENT WE CAN. Often, we all make creativity or make something new, and while someone gives a compliment, we are more pleased deny. Do not ever look down on any results we achieve, even though it was only a slight increase. If we continue to dodge the results of your efforts to achieve, it can close the door of your creativity. If you make a progress, make sure we appreciate that, even if I have to celebrate with friends or family. However, do not brag on what we’ve achieved, it is also not good. This is due to make us complacent about what has been passed so far, and this can make creativity also died. We have to be an ordinary person, full of simplicity but rich in creativity, and thirsty with a proud achievement and useful to the whole community in the world.


September 12, 2009

My name is Bramantio Prastyaji, you all can call me just Aji.

Hopefully you all can enjoy my beautiful writing this .. hehe

Thank you, apologize if my writing is a shortage and less pleasing for you

Peace Love Greetings, RMG Bramantio Prastyaji